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Case Study: Real Estate Tax Strategies

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You try on shoes; you test-drive a car, you even read the online samples of a book before you make a purchase. Doing your due diligence is just part of the process in any purchase, and we’d expect nothing less if you’re looking at bringing Core Group into the fold to take your business to the next level.

The best way to get a feel for how a customized plan fromCore Group would work for you is to just try it for yourself. The second best choice, however, is to get a first-hand account of how it works for someone else.

We were fortunate that one of our clients, whose company handles wholesale real estate investment, shared his thoughts on his experience working with Core Group.

He was able to share with us that there weren’t any specific troubles with his business that led him tor each out to us at Core Group. What got the ball rolling for this client was a cash management system, called Profit First™ explained in this ebook. From reading this book he learned about what we do at Core Group and reached out for a consultation.

After our initial evaluation, we helped him to open multiple accounts and distribute cash according to what each was intended to accomplish. While many people initially see the process of Profit First™ as counterintuitive – they believe the cash flow would be harder to track –our client was pleased to see the system works.

As a result of implementing the system, the client stated that he feels better in control of the money, what is spent, and he is able to better pay attention to cost.

It’s been more than a year now since Core Group’s Chelsea Powers began working with this client and since then he described her as a “phenomenal woman – very sweet, professional, helpful, and responsive." Additionally, he stated that Core Group is “very responsive and they always follow-up.”

During the conversation the real estate investor told many people about his experiences with us and has recommended they start the process with their own free consultation.

We know change can be a bit scary, but when you know that the change is going to take you in a positive direction, it’s much easier to take that first step.

When you bring Core Group into your operation, our first goal is to understand you (and your business) and where you want to go. When we devise a plan, it’s with your strategy and values in mind.

Do you think that something like this might be a benefit to your organization? We’re ready to show you what we can do, so use the button below to contact us and we’ll set up a free consultation to learn how better planning equals No Surprises.

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