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Real Estate Case Study

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You try on shoes; you test drive a car, you even read the online samples of a book before you finally make a purchase. Doing your due diligence is just part of the process in any purchase, and we’d expect nothing less if you’re looking at bringing Core Group into the fold to take your business to the next level.

The best way to get a feel for how a customized plan from Core Group would work for you is to just try it for yourself. The second best choice, however, is to get a first-hand account of how it works for someone else. We were fortunate that one of our clients, a real estate investor named Gavin, was able to sit down and share with us some of his thoughts on his experience working with Core Group.

Core Group US – What business are you in?

Gavin – We’re a firm that focuses on real estate investment. More like wholesale real estate than just the management of small properties.

CGUS – So what was going on in your business that led you to reach out to Core Group?

Gavin – I wouldn’t say that there was a problem point that drew us to Core Group. Things were going fine, mostly. What sold us was reading about the Profit First Cash Management System e-book from you guys. The material in the e-book really made sense to us, and even though things were fine at the office, we saw that there was room for improvement, so we made the call.

CGUS – How long have you been with CG?

Gavin – We just crossed the one-year mark this spring.

CGUS – Now that you’ve been working with Core Group for a while, what’s your take on the process and the working relationship?

Gavin – It’s really fantastic. The process was easy to implement and just like they said in the book, the Profit First system has worked as it was advertised. The communication from their entire staff is first-rate. They respond quickly when you have questions and they are very proactive in keeping you informed about what they’re up to.

CGUS – If you don’t mind us getting into the nuts and bolts of what you do, what changes did CG help you make, and have they been effective?

Gavin – It’s no problem at all! That’s why we’re here (laughs). Without getting into the boring technical details, their suggestions began with creating multiple bank accounts. From there, we distribute cash accordingly to the accounts. It almost seems like it would be counter-intuitive, like that would make the cash flow harder to track, but they were right! It’s easier to pay attention to what’s going in and out, and it’s helped our bottom line immensely. We thought we had a tight handle on things before, but now it’s clear that their recommendations have taken us to a place where we’re actually in control of spending and paying regular attention to costs.

CGUS – So knowing what you know now, who would you recommend CG to?

Gavin – Oh, man! Who wouldn’t I recommend them to?! I’ve already told a bunch of people about
them, and I’m probably going to tell more. It’s not the kind of experience you want to keep to yourself.

CGUS – Who’s your contact at CG?

Gavin – Chelsea Powers. She’s just phenomenal. Professional, helpful, responsive, and just an overall sweet person.

CGUS – What else has Core Group suggested that has made a difference in your work?

Gavin – One thing they suggested was making the change from an ordinary LLC into an S-corporation. Now that we’ve made the change, it’s pretty obvious that this was a great move for us. We might not have done it without them.

Thanks for the info, Gavin! Good luck in the future.

Change can be a bit scary, but when you know that the change is going to take you in a positive direction, it’s much easier to take that first step. When you bring Core Group into your operation, our first goal is to understand who you are and where you want to go. When we devise a plan, it’s with your strategy and values in mind.

Do you think that something like this might be a benefit to your organization? We’re ready to show you what we can do, so give us a call or send us a message and let’s set up a free consultation and brainstorm about possible ways to move your operation forward.

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