The Core Financial Process™

Strategic Financial Systems for Your Growing Business


Core's process helps you unlock profit, accelerate growth, and improve your tax strategy. 


Meeting You Where You Are

Whether your business is just starting up or ready to grow to the next level, the Core Financial Process™ gives you the information you need to make better decisions. Our unique technology enabled process gathers your financial information in one place with minimum involvement of you and your team.


Continuous Communication

On a quarterly cycle, we help you identify your highest priority outcome and craft a solution to deliver. For instance, maybe your most important need is to grow profitably. We will give you a financial roadmap to do that, and then review your performance against your plan.


Your Business is Unique

You will have different challenges as your business grows, and the Core Financial Process will help you each step of the way. To learn more about the stages of growth, click here

Stages of Growth

We reference the stages of growth developed by Dan Marcos. You can read more about his ideas in this article

Start Up
Grow Up
Scale Up
1-4 Employees
Growth Metric: Top Line Revenue
Focus: Achieve revenue breakeven with fixed costs
Operational: Prove the concept
Growth Metric: Gross Margin
Focus: Revenue from “right” customers focusing on profit per customer.
Operational: Replacing yourself in delivering service.
Growth Metric: Cash Flow Cycle
Focus: Leveraging profit to scale growth
Operational: Systems to deliver consistent outcomes.

A Complete Service

From financial statement preparation to full service payroll and tax filings, we've got you covered. Click here for a complete list of the Core Financial Process features

Direct Bank Feeds
Monthly Bank Reconciliations
Sales Reconciliation
Accountant Monthly Review for Tax Minimization
Full Accrual Accounting
Loan Reconciliation
Fixed Asset Tracking
1099 Vendor Tracking
Sales Tax Filing
Quarterly and Annual Payroll Filing
Time Tracking and Benefit Accrual
8 Levers of Business Cash Flow-Download Now

Core really tailored the services to meet my needs because they know the ins and outs of my business.

Lindsey Harkness
DNA Galleries

The folks at Core are great to work with. They are responsive, respectful and always able to answer any question you throw at them. I highly recommend them.

Chris Tower
Video Reality

The Core Group has been providing our accounting/tax services for roughly 20 years. Their employees are professional, timely and most importantly, extremely competent. They have always kept us in compliance with tax law but at the same time minimized our tax liability.

Jeff Lipscomb
Air Technologies of OKC
carson fox

The Core Financial Process really made sense to us, and even though things were fine at the office, we saw that there was room for improvement

Carson Fox
Clear Water Investing